All of my life I’ve been surrounded by negativity.

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“Something always has to happen!”

If there was an award for Most Depressing Parents, I think my parents would either win or at least be runner-up. If anything slightly inconvenient happened, there they were, lamenting about how they couldn’t catch a break. The list goes on and on about how their lives would have been so much better if X or Y didn’t happen. If they didn’t drive drunk and get their 3rd DUI. If they didn’t have a kid at 21.

Anyways, what was my point?

Now that I’m an adult I find it irritating to know people that are just like my parents. It’s like they thrive in their own negative emotions, and find comfort in other’s negativity. If you’re unhappy, you know, you can change.

You are one decision away from completely changing your life.

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