Drawings I’ve done in 2020

Hello to all five of my followers! I recently went through two of my sketchbook that have been sitting on my bookshelf to see if there was anything I could share form this year . I chose these three particular pieces because they encapsulate my personality so well (in a good way).

That eye that’s on fire? I’m a huge fan of the band Tool, and it only made sense to attempt to recreate some of their artwork and give up half way through. The Sailor Moon drawing was a throw back to when I was obsessed with the series as a child. Lastly, the tree is just there because sometimes you are out of ideas. I would like to start getting back into art since working from home has allowed me to have more free time without having a long commute or being on call 24-7. Between 18 and 25, I didn’t have much time for drawing due to school and working; now I am learning to manage my time better and make an effort to practice self-care.

P.S. Here is the original artwork by Alex Grey:

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