I accomplished only one thing in 2020

One, well the only, goal that I’ve been working on is meditating.

Why? Because I need to calm the hell down. I’m already skittish and with everything that is going on in the world ~pandemic~ I figured it would be a good time to try. I’ve been hesitant to try meditation in the past; I believed I wouldn’t be able to clear my mind and actually focus (which is 60% true).

Surprise motherfuckers! Meditation worked.

I was honestly surprised after a couple of weeks of consistently practicing. I noticed I wasn’t as anxious as I normally am throughout the day. I started out using guided meditations because I needed someone to tell me what to do; I found the Insight Timer app which provides guided meditation. After about seven months of listening to guided meditation…sessions, I finally gained the confidence to try and meditate without assistance. At first, it was challenging; my mind would constantly wander and I would get frustrated. I realized that I should stop taking myself so seriously and not force anything. After I had that hard conversation with myself, it became much easier to get into the correct headspace to meditate. However, I can only meditate for 15 minutes before I become restless, so I’m working on increasing my time slowly. I think most people should give meditation a try; you might learn something new about yourself (I learned you can go through a mid- life crisis at any time).

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