Anxiety is a bitch but so am I (sort of)

Along with all of the other problems I’ve been dealing with my entire life ~asthma~, anxiety is just another one to add to my list. For most of it, I’ve been struggling to even get a grasp on it. Now I have an idea of what I’m doing so I’m going to claim myself as an expert and tell you what to do.* (Just kidding!)

Are you meeting your basic needs?
Have you eaten, are you thirsty, have you woken up today? I have a daily tracker which keeps tabs on my food/ water intake and my sleep schedule. Personally, this has been a major improvement in my anxiety. When I’m feeling some type of way I tend to neglect eating/ drinking, which makes things worse. It’s also rewarding to see all those boxes filled out when I practice the most basics of self-care.

Try to Identify…Something
This has been a challenge because for one, what are even emotions???? I’m almost 30, I should know what they are (but I am wrong). I’m aware some of us grew up learning not to acknowledge negative emotions, which was actually harmful and invalidating. So now I’m working on doing the opposite; validating how I’m feeling in the moment and allowing myself space to completely experience said emotion. Meditation has also been a huge help for this.

Take a Break
Sometimes you have to walk away from whatever task you’re working on and take a brief moment to yourself. It may look like hiding in the bathroom at your retail job, or it may look like vacuuming your home for the third time this week. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and like I’m going to McFreakin’ lose it, I try to step away.

I hope you find these helpful if you are struggling with anxiety, I know there is a lot I’m not covering on the subject but will try to in future posts!

*I am not a medical professional.

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