How I Survive Working from Home (I don’t)

Yes, another post about working from home! Many of us are struggling to make the transition and maintaining our routines/ mental health/ waistlines, including me! None of us were expecting to become Jack Nicholson from The Shining, but here we are.

My daily schedule usually varies due to working as a case manager, but here are some of the rituals I try to do to maintain some sanity.

  1. I have a whiteboard where I write down my daily to-do lists and meetings, sometimes I’ll write affirmations
  2. Switching rooms in which I’m working to spice things up, anything is possible if you work in the kitchen
  3. Sometimes turning off my laptop and zoning out for 45 minutes counts as a ~break~
  4. My caffeine intake has gone through the ROOF and I don’t feel bad about it (I would like to thank non-dairy creamer for helping me achieve my dreams)
  5. Usually I put on some random playlist to help me focus (the fireplace with Christmas music has been a recent favorite)
  6. Color coordinating everything I write gives me the dose of serotonin I need to get through the day

It’s not just me that’s going through it emotionally, right?

3 thoughts on “How I Survive Working from Home (I don’t)

  1. I used to work full time from home and found that getting up and dancing around the room from time to time helped. Hang in there!


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