Could 2020 Go Any Slower?

The answer is probably, yes it could. Also, welcome newcomers! Thanks for reading.

I’m going to be honest, this year was NOT it.

It was definitely a time for personal development and growth; I’ve learned it’s okay to create and enforce boundaries with yourself and others. I’ve learned to have space for emotions and allow myself to rest when it’s truly needed. Most importantly, I’m learning how to deal with grief (it’s not pretty but we’re getting there). Most people would have you believe you go through the 5 stages yada yada it’s all over and you feel better. Absolutely not. Sometimes you regress and feel like it’s a fresh wound, and sometimes you are experiencing all 5 stages at once. It just depends on the individual.

Anyways, I forgot what the point of this post was. Has anyone else learned anything about themselves/ the world this year? I’m probably going to make a separate post this week talking about sobriety, or something about music. I haven’t decided yet.

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