It’s the Little Things (not a Good Charlotte reference)


I watched Soul over the holiday weekend, and it made me think of moments I enjoy in life that have kept me sane, especially now. I always try to remind myself to be present and not get caught up thinking about the future, because we can’t control everything. This list isn’t the most relatable, but I hope I can give you a few laughs or maybe even inspire you to make your own.

  1. A brand new trash bag in my trash can
  2. “Sleeping in” until about 7:30 a.m. on weekends
  3. Having a half tank of gas when you thought you had less than a quarter of a tank
  4. Using a mechanical keyboard
  5. Freshly made coffee; I don’t have a palette so I’ll drink pretty much any coffee you give me
  6. Remembering there are leftover wings in the fridge
  7. Buying a snack from the Dollar Tree
  8. Having clean laundry (note: I did not say folded)
  9. Trying new pens; my current favorite is the Crayola Take Note gel pens
  10. Getting my eyeliner right on the first try, I consider this a HUGE win for the day

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