Things I’ll Be Doing Differently

As I’m sitting in my make shift workspace, I can’t help but think of who I am now compared to who I was at the beginning of 2020 (mainly procrastinating but we can pretend I was deep in thought). I was inspired by this post to make a short list of what’s changed, and what’s been working.

First of all, I will be starting this new year alcohol free! This is probably the biggest change I’ve made since last year. I realized I was getting fat and sassy during quarantine, my two least favorite feelings, and am taking a break from drinking. I hope when indoor seating opens back up, I can meet up with my friends and maybe have a beer because I’m not about to sit in the cold.

I am also being mindful of my physical activity; I started working out in 2019 and fell off, well, because of the pandemic. At the end of 2020 , I started to reinvest in exercising and drinking more water (goodbye RedBull). Honestly, I am really tired of having my knees ache when I walk more than 50 feet, so now is the time to work on strengthening them, as well as my lungs because ~asthma~.

How many times will I plug meditation? It doesn’t even have to be for more than 10 minutes a day. I will be continuing to meditate when I have the time, and have been practicing for a year. Meditation helps ground me when I’m feeling anxious, which is nice considering I’m stuck at home for days at a time.

Journaling is another ritual I will continue into this year; organizing my thoughts and being able to process… stuff has improved since I began. It’s not every day, but I’m working on journaling at least 3 times a week. Now I have a reason to continue to buy cute notebooks from the store.

What are some changes you are making this year, or what are you continuing to practice in the new year that’s benefitted your mental/physical/spiritual health?

4 thoughts on “Things I’ll Be Doing Differently

  1. Love the no drinking! We can not drink together since my condition forbids it! Deleted my blog but I like the idea of journaling more. Also been drinking more water! Love this!

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