One Way I’ve Changed

I’ve been in a reflective mindset as of late, I’m not sure if it’s the cold weather or the fact that I can’t watch The Office anymore. Anyways, I was thinking how this whole ~pterodactyl~ changed my life externally, as well as internally. I could only come up with one thing, so we’ll

I don’t feel like I have to be “on” for other people as much. What I mean by this is that I don’t feel obligated to always be in a cheery mood and make jokes when I’m around my coworkers or working with clients. This job already comes with a level of exhaustion, and adding that to my plate just made me feel completely worn out. I’ve always felt it was my duty to cheer people up, but now I’m realizing that I’m not responsible for how others feel (thanks childhood!). I’ve had a lot of hard conversations with myself these past 10 months, and this was one of them, but this is for the better! I’m so excited to continue to work on setting boundaries with myself and others, even if it means I’m not the “jokester” anymore. I’m ready to change that label.

Anyone else have startling realizations about themselves this past year?

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