How I Organize My Messy Life

The first part of this year has been quite rough. I’ve been taking it one day at a time, because that’s all you really can do at this point. While I am in the middle of this chaos, I’ve been working on organizing my work and personal schedule. So far, so good! I finally have some time to sit and share with you what’s been working, what’s not been working, and to tell you if my new phone has caught fire (it hasn’t…yet).

What’s Currently Working

Notion: For the past month, I’ve been experimenting with using this app to organize my whole life, there’s not a lot going on, but still. I am able to totally customize each page and separate my work tasks from my other errands. I have a page for each of my routines, a table for my work assignments, and a weekly agenda of what I need to do (appointments, chores).

Outlook Calendar: I think my work is stuck in the 1980’s. I say this because they are totally against staff using any digital calendars for our schedules; I haven’t heard any good reasons other than you will mistake your calendar for your alarm (I know, it doesn’t make sense). I love being able to move appointments around without messing up the rest of the schedule, and sharing my calendar with co-workers makes everything much easier.

One of my Notion pages where I organize some of my work assignments

What Wasn’t Working

Whiteboard: I used my trusty white board to write my daily schedule for work for the duration of this pandemic, and it just wasn’t working anymore for my needs. I was honestly tired of having to write and re-write things when my schedule changed. I feel like I can use my whiteboard for other things; keeping track of my habits as well as putting quotes/ ideas I would like to follow up on.

Physical Weekly Planner: As I said in the previous section, I am not a fan of using a physical planner for my schedule for a couple reasons. 1) I don’t care to use pencils 2) When an appointment cancels/ reschedules, it messes up the whole aesthetic! 3) I never liked carrying a planner to home visits where it can be forgotten or something worse.

An example of my old planner

What do you use to organize your life to help you be productive??


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