What I Do As a Case Manager

March is Social Work Month, and I would like to share my duties relating to the field I work in. I’ve been a case manager at a non-profit for almost 3 years and I’m learning every day. I started out in our reunification program, which was intensive hands on support and I was on call 24/7. Now I am in a less intense role where I focus more on parenting education curriculum. While both positions seem vastly different, they do share some responsibilities:

Home/ Telehealth visits: Pre-COVID, I would conduct weekly home visits with all of my clients to work on goals, assess the safety of the home, complete assessments, etc. Depending on the level of need of the client, the visits could consist of making chore charts, transportation to/from appointments, the list is endless.

Case management: assessing the needs of the clients, making referrals to other services as needed, and monitoring their progress to make adjustments to their services as needed.

Paperwork: Surprisingly there is not a lot of paperwork to be done at my workplace. The paperwork that is necessary has to be completed within 30 days of the family enrolling, which can be detrimental. I feel like I can’t build rapport with the client while I’m asking them invasive questions.

Are you in the social work field, or in school for social work? What are your duties at your job/internship?

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