I Couldn’t Think of a Funny Title

I think this year has a vendetta against me and I don’t know why! I’m beginning to think I cut off a wizard in traffic.

If you have been reading my blog for a week or so, you know that my personal life is not going well (insert laugh track). The family member continues to struggle with their mental health, and I had to take a step back and re-asses if my involvement was doing more harm than good. You would think my experience as a case manager would help in this situation, but it didn’t! I realized I cannot separate this family member and their addiction, and removed myself as of now. There are other relatives continuing to watch over them while I take care of my own dwindling mental health.

My dog also went through a crisis; mostly physical and 20% mental. He apparently had a case of pancreatitis and we are now monitoring to see if it gets worse. He’s pretty old, but it’s still heartbreaking to experience.

On a brighter note, I quit my old job to move into the healthcare field, and I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I worked at my former job for 7.5 years and it was long overdue, especially with the limited opportunities and the drama (hello if you’re reading this). It hasn’t really hit me that I left yet, mostly due to the team still working from home. I’m going to miss most of the shenanigans the families would get into, but it was definitely time for change.

Throughout these past few weeks, I am grateful to say I have maintained my sobriety and have a strong support system I can go to when I feel like driving my car through a business. I’m continuing to have the mindset “everything is temporary” and know these setbacks will soon pass.

Does anyone want to grab a cup of coffee and scream?

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