Burned TF Out

Hello everyone! I believe I am in a place to start posting weekly again, although I think I jinxed it just now. Anyways, I started my new job this week and I wanted to talk about something that can occur in social work: burnout. It mainly occurs in jobs where you are serving others, but can occur in any and all types of work. In March, I highlighted vicarious trauma for Social Work Month, and burnout is another phenomenon that occurs in high-stress jobs/environments, or if you are struggling with work-life balance.

Burnout can be described as a “syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed” (source). The symptoms can negatively affect physical and mental health, and can lead to long-term consequences if they are not managed correctly. If you are exposed to chronic stress in any area of your life, you can be at higher risk of burning out.

Some of the symptoms can include (physical and mental):

  • Feelings of cynicism towards one’s job
  • Changes in sleep behaviors
  • Issues with digestion and other related stomach issues
  • Feelings of helplessness and loss of motivation
  • Increased irritation with coworkers or significant people in your life

In my last year at my previous job, I realized I was experiencing burnout. I wasn’t motivated to take on new cases, I absolutely dreaded going to meetings, and I felt like my work meant nothing. Even though I was working from home, and I had a reasonable work-life balance, it wasn’t enough to prevent burnout. I think it was the ~pandemic~ along with the lack of support from supervisors (if you’re reading this, hello!). I think it’s important I realized what I was experiencing, and whether or not my current situation was worth feeling like a toilet, and made the necessary changes to help alleviate stress. I had a couple of days in-between jobs, and I felt absolutely relieved, like a weight had been lifted and thrown into the dumpster.

Is anyone else experiencing burnout/ experienced it in the past? What are some ways you cope??


4 thoughts on “Burned TF Out

  1. Felt this at a prior job. The effects it had on my mood and reactions were terrible. It made my preexisting depression and anxiety so much worse. I was pushed towards the edge and had I not realized on time it would have had catastrophic consequences. Glad you realized and are making moves towards fixing.

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  2. I have experienced it in my previous job as a journalist. Though I was passionate about writing, it took me some time to realise how all of it was draining me. The red flags were evident and I changed my job! I am at a much better place now, but even then, on and off, I do experience burnout. A long shower and some funny memes act as quick fix, but for long term, I have begun telling myself to take it slow and not give work more importance than life!

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