I Don’t Know My Job Title and I’m Too Afraid to Ask

If you have been keeping up with the hot mess that is my life, you know I started a new job recently. I am really enjoying it, and am learning a lot about my new position and the new field I'm in. But one thing I'm still confused on is what exactly my job title … Continue reading I Don’t Know My Job Title and I’m Too Afraid to Ask

Burned TF Out

Hello everyone! I believe I am in a place to start posting weekly again, although I think I jinxed it just now. Anyways, I started my new job this week and I wanted to talk about something that can occur in social work: burnout. It mainly occurs in jobs where you are serving others, but … Continue reading Burned TF Out

I Couldn’t Think of a Funny Title

I think this year has a vendetta against me and I don't know why! I'm beginning to think I cut off a wizard in traffic. If you have been reading my blog for a week or so, you know that my personal life is not going well (insert laugh track). The family member continues to … Continue reading I Couldn’t Think of a Funny Title

Could 2020 Go Any Slower?

The answer is probably, yes it could. Also, welcome newcomers! Thanks for reading. I'm going to be honest, this year was NOT it. It was definitely a time for personal development and growth; I've learned it's okay to create and enforce boundaries with yourself and others. I've learned to have space for emotions and allow … Continue reading Could 2020 Go Any Slower?