I Can’t Hang Anymore

Now that restrictions are becoming more relaxed, some of us might be venturing outside (safely, of course) and spending time with friends and family. I've noticed that my social battery runs out a lot quicker than it used to. Even virtual hangouts are just as draining as in-person encounters. There's a noticeable change in my … Continue reading I Can’t Hang Anymore

It’s March…Again??

As the anniversary of my state's first lockdown sneaks up, I am sitting here still in awe of how the world turned upside down so quickly. Since March is Social Work Month, I thought about a few things that have changed at my job. I'm aware I'm not an actual social worker, I'm a case … Continue reading It’s March…Again??

How I Survive WFH: Part 2

Can you believe it's almost been a year since the first lock down? Personally I'm still processing 2016, but that's another post. I was deep in thought again *procrastinating* and thought I could add a few more tips to this post since we're all getting cabin fever by now. Uno. I turn off all my … Continue reading How I Survive WFH: Part 2